Daily Return up to 20 %
10-Day ROI up to 519.2 %
- It's Time to Disrupt DeFi. -


We aim to disrupt traditional DeFi with a combination of an innovative Loop Concept, GameFi and Dynamic Tax System to reward investors.


Loop Phases are what sets apart our gamified rebase tokens from traditional rebase tokens.

Each phase covers a certain number of days where certain events will occur. These events help to raise the price of LOOP Tokens and reward Loopers (you!).


Participate in our Play & Earn game to receive up to 20 % Daily Return!

Daily Return is different for everyone depending on their in-game scores.

Loopers will accumulate eBalance by playing the our game.

Claim eBalance to receive an equal amount of LOOP Tokens!


13 % Buy Tax
20 % Sell Tax
+ Dynamic Tax & Dynamic Burn

Sustains the protocol with ample resources to upkeep liquidity, treasury and hedge against inflation.

Minimizes negative price manipulation by whales.

First ever Dynamic Burn reduces inflation dynamically without adding extra taxes.

How it works


Price Stability & Growth Systems

Tax System | Dynamic Tax

  • Sustains the protocol and minimizes price manipulation by whales.

Burning Mechanism | Dynamic Burn

  • Dynamic Burn burns 20% of the existing Dynamic tax to push the price up.

  • This reduces the tax imposed on the ordinary investor & increases the profits for everyone.

Treasury | Active only before Loop Phase C

  • Hedges against volatility in the market to ensure stability in price of LOOP Tokens.

  • A small portion of the Treasury will also be used for airdrop gas fees only in Phase B.

Vault | Active only from Loop Phase C

  • Used for growth, investments and giveaways based on community votes.

Buyback & Burn | Occurs only in Loop Phase C

  • 80 % of the Treasury Balance is used to perform a massive buyback from the QuickSwap Liquidity Pool.

  • All of the tokens bought in the Buyback and all of the remaining unclaimed tokens will be burned.

Anti-Rug Measures | Hard coded into Protocol

  • No Mint function.

  • Fixed Max Total Supply.

  • Fixed Max Sell Tax of 25 %.

  • Gnosis Safe multi-sig secured fund wallets.

  • KYC verified.